e-health strategy

This e-health strategy is a product of research and consultations. The effective and efficient use of ICTs will not only translate into better and efficient service delivery but will also improve planning and accountability in the health sector. The e-health strategy provides the Ministry with clear guidelines that will drive growth and transformation through the effective use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).This strategy will give broad operational guidelines to the various e-Health stakeholders working with the ministries responsible for health. It will identify focus areas such as Information Systems, ICT Infrastructure, Human Resource Development and Administrative functions. Furthermore, the strategy has been designed to provide all ICT users in the ministries responsible for health, with new opportunities for learning, developing skills, and accessing important information and services. In order to harness and provide adequate protection to the ICT resources, various components of this strategy will ensure that ICTs are well developed, maintained and utilised.

Applicable period
2013 - 2016
Date of publication
May 2013
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