The Gambia National Health Strategic Plan

The Health Sector Strategic focus in The Gambia is anchored on the National Health Policy 2012-2020, which is linked to the country’s development blue prints better known as VISION 2020 The Gambia Incorporated and PAGE. These aim to transform The Gambia into a globally competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life by 2020, through transforming the country from a third world country into an industrialized, middle income country. Its actions are grounded in the principles of the 1997 constitution, specifically aiming to attain the right to health, and to decentralize health services management through a devolved system of Governance. This strategic focus has been defined in the Gambia Health Policy, which has elaborated the long-term policy directions the Country intends to achieve in pursuit of the imperatives of the Vision 2020, and the 1997 constitution.

Applicable period
2014 - 2020
Date of publication
October 2014
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