The Second Health Sector Strategic Development Plan II

The HSSDP II provides the medium term strategic directions that the health sector will facilitate the attainment of the Eritrean health aspirations and so contribute appropriately to the national development, and global health agenda. This HSSDP II forms an integral part of the country health sector planning framework, providing a link between the policy aspirations and the budgeting process as shown below. Development of this document was a consultative process that involved the Honourable Minister of Health and Senior Management of the Ministry of Health and heads of programmes on the broad strategic directions, as well as technical staff who defined the technical and operational elements. The overall process was guided by the Planning Steering Committee with technical support from the WHO. Consultations outside the Ministry of Health involved different line Ministries mainly the MoF, the MoE the MoD , MoI, MLWE, and civil society organizations like the NUEW, NUEYS, Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (BIDHO), Academia, Health Professional Associations, and Private/Parastatal organizations.

Applicable period
2017 - 2021
Date of publication
November 2016
Document type
Regulative area