The Second National Health Sector Strategic Plan (draft)

The NHSSP II (2014-2018) ensures a comprehensive set of health services are provided that address in a holistic manner the health needs of the people in the Kingdom of Swaziland. The plan is built around a functional rather than structural approach, with the different elements interlinked and all working towards a common health agenda. The NHSSP II draws from the Swaziland Development Index (SDI), the National Development Strategy (1999), and the National Health Policy (2007), which are informed by global and countrywide health aspirations. It represents the medium-term strategic focus for the health sector. The plan involves addressing health-seeking behaviours and health actions in other sectors, in addition to the traditional public health and curative services. Within this plan there is an introduction of a stronger element of client-focused and client- centered health services, a comprehensive and rationalized health systems investment focus that ensures all the critical investment needs of the health sector are being addressed. In addition it increases the level of attention to strengthening the regulation of health service provision.

Applicable period
2014 - 2018
Date of publication
August 2014
Document type
Regulative area