Standardized e-claims interface for health providers’ Hospital Information Systems (HIS), XML Methodology (ver. 8.6).

The document describes the specification of the message exchange interface between Healthcare Providers Systems and eClaims.One of the main goals of the eClaims is to reduce paper claims and provide electronic claims exchange between Claims Processing Centre (CPC) and health providers. 

Previously, data was saved in the eClaims in HL7 format. However, due to complexity of the format and high impact on local software development companies, the new proposed format was changed to XML. The XML format is more flexible so it is easier to adjust when changes in the eClaims are introduced. Besides, HL7 format was created in the 1980's. Although it is a complex standard that has been adjusted through years, it does not solve all the problems. To achieve this, the standardized e-claims interface must be defined, precisely described and implemented.

Date of adoption
May 2012
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