Strategic Master Plan for Health Information System Gabon (SDSSIS)

The Government of Gabon in its new socio-economic vision through the Gabon Emergent Strategic Plan, bet on technological innovation to establish sustainable growth and improve socio-health indicators and economic aspects of the country. In this context, the government has already invested a lot in the establishment of infrastructure across the country. The health of the Gabonese population being an absolute priority for the President of the Republic, His Excellency Ali Bongo ONDIMBA, the strengthening of the Health Information System has been identified as a first step in the use of these infrastructures. Indeed, the implementation of the Systems efficient and reliable information in the health sector is conducive to good planning, better management of resources, productivity, quality of care and better prevention of health problems public. This is an imperative necessity which is imposed on all countries, whatever their level of development.

Applicable period
2017 - 2022
Date of adoption
July 2017
Document type
Regulative area