Amal XR


Amal XR is an application for rehabilitation of people suffering from disability caused by stroke and brain damage. It enables patients to practice necessary routine actions (such as picking up and manipulating virtual objects). AmalXR is aiming to democratize Virtual Rehabilitation thanks to its platform which makes use of widely available devices such as Laptops and Tablets instead of costly Hardware. It has been scientifically proven that virtual rehabilitation could accelerate the healing process up to three times once combined with classic one.

Geographic scope

The solution is not yet deployed, only clinical trials are done and they are starting now clinical studies at a regional level. After successful Clinical Trial, conducted at Sfax university hospital, Amal XR is starting a regional clinical study at the regional level with partners in Egypt and Morocco in addition to Tunisia.

Health System Challenges and Interventions


Hemiplegia caused by stroke and brain damage is a serious disease touching potentially 1/6th of world’s population. This disability is annoying for patients and their relatives in terms of daily activity (eating, transport, work, etc). Moreover, in Low and Middel Incomes Countries (LMIC) 50% of patients suffering from stroke don’t receive the rehabilitation services they required because they are too far from rehabilitation centers and transporting them to these centers is too challenging.


The proposed solution is complementary to classical rehabilitation sessions. Games with virtual reality content stimulating neuro feedbacks based on neuro plasticity to accelerate the healing process  are made. Amal XR is attractive for old and disabled persons and can ensure acceleration of recovery process thanks to its accessibility, especially those in remote region to do their exercices from their homes. Amal XR can be practiced even in remote region and poor countries.

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