Auscultation application


This application uses artificial intelligence  to classifies auscultation sounds from patients lungs, using digital and electronic stethoscopes, in order to help diagnose respiratory diseases. Respiratory sounds give symptomatic data about patients' lungs and are a fundamental part of respiratory diseases diagnosis.

Geographic scope

The application of ascultation presents a pilot experience in pulmonary department in CHU Hedi Chaker (University Hospital of Sfax).

Health System Challenges and Interventions


Previously, doctors depended on their hearing to distinguish symptomatic sounds in lungs through using standard stethoscopes. The auscultation by standard stethoscope relies upon the doctor's capacity and the low affectability of the human hearing. However, some respiratory sounds are hard to examine and challenging to recognize.


Using the ascultation application, the use of electronic stethoscopes combined with artificial intelligence helps doctors to recognize the respiratory sounds type and gives them more effective diagnostic aid.


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