Back 2 Care (B2C)


The Back 2 Care (B2C) is a mobile application designed to support HIV back to care activities conducted by community healthcare workers (CHWs) by actively tracing cases and documenting the process from Health Facilities to the community and vice versa. The system functionalities provide the following benefits:

  • Faster aggregation of data – gathering and collating data from all CHWs will be automatic when entered at the point of care.
  • Accuracy & Reliability – increase the reliability and accuracy of data entry, reducing administrative overhead by enabling automated and real-time reporting of data collected in the field.
  • Standardized Care Protocols – improving adherence and quality of care provided by CHWs during field visits by providing decision support logic and multimedia counseling capabilities.
  • Improved Monitoring – improving workforce efficiency using worker activity monitoring basic reports to identify and mitigate issues as they occur.
Geographic scope


Health System Challenges and Interventions

The system is meant to bring back those who abscond ART back to care, however, it is not always easy with follow-ups considering that not all clients have phones, not all clients have national ids, and there are no proper physical addresses in most locations making it difficult to reach out to clients in some cases

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