The Comet is a software to help prescribe medicines. Comet is an intelligent solution to prescribe medication, quickly and safely, especially complex prescriptions.

Health System Challenges and Interventions


Drug prescription is tricky and becomes difficult in certain cases, particularly in patients suffering from several pathologies and the elderly in whom the risk of adverse effects and iatrogenic interactions are very frequent.


The Comet integrates three functions:

  • A complete, clear and concise database on the drugs available in Tunisia and Commercial information: Trade name, Dose, Price, CNAM ( National Health Insurance Fund ) and reference price, Scientific information: Indication, Dosage, Contraindications, Pregnancy and breastfeeding ..
  • Prescribing assistance in the form of expert software generating a warning in the event of incompatibility in the prescription:
  • Drugs interactions
  • Contraindications
  • Iterative and automatic updates of the database
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