Derash (ደራሽ)


The main purpose of this application is to improve first aid knowledge and help in times of emergency by providing them with verified medical information and by giving tips on what to do when there is an accident or an injured person nearby. The application features a personal profile, a list of emergency situations with their management and detailed explanations, emergency service numbers, and a list of nearby health institutions. The app is accessible in different languages (Amharic, Afan Oromo, and English). For accessibility the main features of the app work offline.

Geographic scope

Addis Ababa and 4 other major cities.

Health System Challenges and Interventions

Challenge - limited access to responsible government office and private partners

Intervention- trying hard to reach these office and other private partners

Challenge - lack of finance to integrate with Google API

Intervention - looking for financial support and collaboration

Lessons learned during implementation

To maximize the number of users and major cities. 

Countries implemented
Level of coverage
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