DHIS2 -Medical cause of death certificate


The solution capture events with anonymous information for line listings of causes of death and in-patient morbidity.

Geographic scope

The tracker was designed and built in 2012 mainly based on Ghana’s use case.

Health System Challenges and Interventions

In ensuring data quality, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the data have always been a challenge. The DHIMS2 Medical Cause of Death platform helps to reduce the workload and errors in tallying and preparing summary reports.

Lessons learned during implementation

When routine health service data is visible, easily available, and accessible on a common platform for all managers, there are constructive critiques on what the typical trends of specific indicators should look like versus what anomalies are being recorded to prompt further inquiry. This leads to continuous discussions on; How to improve upon reporting rates, data completeness, accuracy and internal consistencies of the routine health service data.

Countries implemented
Level of coverage
Implementing partners
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