DREAM- Electronic Medical Record System


The DREAM EMR is the complete EMR that supports several health-related services such as HIV/TB, Non-Communicable diseases, Nutrition, and Audiology. The EMR interoperates with the MoH Laboratory Information management system, DREAM laboratory information management system, the globe health teleconsultation, electroencephalography (EEG) system, audiogram system, and the central pharmacy. It is a point of care system which covers several parameters such as client registration, vital signs recording, VCT, client examination, sample collection, and drug dispensary. Each and every parameter access its own module of the system. In addition, the EMR provides services such as tracing clients, report generation, and several indicators which assists in enhancing client management.  Dream Laboratory Information Management System is a tool that records clients' sample results and it interoperates with several Laboratory testing systems such as Biochemistry Machines, Haematology Machines, CD4 Count Machines, Gene Xpert Machine Drug Resistance Machine, etc. It also interoperates with MOH LIMS which manages Viral Load and PCR Tests.


Geographic scope

DREAM is deployed in Malawi:

  • Central Region (Facilities: “Dzoole and Mtengowanthenga”  in Dowa District; and  Facility: “Mtendere” in Dedza district) 
  • Eastern Region (Facilities: “Kapire and Masuku” Mangochi District, Facility: “Namandanje” Machinga District, Facility “Balaka and Phalula” Balaka District)
  • Southern Region (Facilities: “Kapeni, Machinjiri, Chileka, Chazunda, and Mandala” Blantyre District)