Ghana Integrated Logistics Management Information System (GhiLMIS)


Ghana Integrated Logistics Management Information System (GhiLMIS) is transactional tool that support all supply chain business operations across the Ghana public health value, provides data for supply chain decision making and support end-to-end supply chain visibility. The following are the key functionalities of the GhiLMIS;

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Warehouse Management i.e. receipt, picklist, packing
  • Transportion Management i.e. shipment,
  • Inventory operation management i.e. cycle count, adjustment, transfer, consumptions,
  • Reports and Key performance Indicator (KPI).
Health System Challenges and Interventions


1. Lack of timely supply chain data
2. Absence of end-to-end data and supply chain visibility
3. Manual or suboptimal supply chain business processes

Lessons learned during implementation

1. Effective stakeholder engagment and  involvement
2. Implementation of a comprehensive change management and knowledge transfer
3. Establishment of transparent acquisition process
5. Leverage a phased approach to end-user training and rollout.