IMAGE-X is a platform for the exchange of medical images, reports and analyses between healthcare professionals, such as physicians, radiologists and medical students. 

It is a  network for healthcare professionals. It allows the sharing of medical images in an instantaneous, efficient and secure manner, in order to obtain a second opinion from the community, or simply to allow a radiology technician to contact his specialist doctor to write his report.

Concerning the protection of patient privacy, IMAGE-X ensures the anonymization of all medical images uploaded to the platform.

Health System Challenges and Interventions


Challenges are related to :

- Difficulties in analysing and diagnosing medical images and  making decisions especially in critical cases.

- Lack of databases.

- Unavailability of doctors


Hospital practitioners, private doctors and medical students can  easily exchange their clinical cases and improve the reliability of their diagnosis. They can also create their own database and develop their medical skills thanks to the cases of the entire community.
IMAGE-X  also helps doctors in rural areas and practitioners on humanitarian missions to benefit instantly from the opinion of their colleagues.