Med4All Digital Supply Chain system


Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG), along with PharmAccess, a nonprofit organization that utilizes a digital platform to improve healthcare in Africa, launched the Medicines for All (Med4All) initiative in 2019. Med4All is a digital supply chain platform that connects trusted Ghanaian pharmaceutical companies and importers to healthcare providers to supply affordable and good quality medicines. The goal of Med4All is to address quality, access, and cost issues associated with CHAG's supply chain system and solve funding gaps by making medicines affordable.

Furthermore, the Med4All digital platform has the capability of forecasting medicine use, which helps prevent stockouts at health facilities. Med4All was piloted at 30 CHAG health facilities with plans to expand to all 326 CHAG facilities.

Health System Challenges and Interventions

Drug availability is of essence to quality health care service delivery. However, the health sector continues to experience drugs stockout which compromises quality of service delivery. The intervention is to fill the gaps in drugs and commodities supply and further avoid stockouts

Documented health effects of the solution

Improved availability of drugs at the facility level and contributed in reducing counterfeit and sub standard medicines. Through the interventions medicines access and affordability  and reduction in co-payment have improved