Medilsys Intensive Care System (MICS)


Medilsys Intensive Care System (MICS) is a clinical Information System used in The Principal Military Hospital of Instruction of Tunis for its 22 intensive care beds.

Medilsys intensive Care System helps health care professionals to:

  • Instantly review patient’s vitals and set care priorities
  • Integrate their clinical protocols for enhanced caregiver coordination.
  • Measure and improve the care and cost efficiency of clinical protocols based on provided data, share and update them at any time
  • Monitor patient status and execute prescriptions in real time.
  • Integrate data from: Medical devices, Labs , Billing systems, Pharmacy…
Geographic scope

The solution is implemented at a Subnational level 

Health System Challenges and Interventions


  • Loss of information due to the use of Paper-based medical record
  • Needs to exploit data patients from different sources


  • Paper-based medical records have been replaced by comprehensive digital medical records, containing advanced management of drugs, fluids, paramedical tasks, clinical alarms and automated scoring and calculations.
  • Get full use of patient data with total interoperability