Overview makes it possible for patients to look for a doctor, pharmacy, or prescription drug online, that fits their needs best. They can call or book appointments free of charge, and ask questions to doctors through the platform. help them to get acquainted with doctors before booking an appointment. By sharing content, doctors provide prospective patients a basis for patients to assess whether they are the best possible fit. Doctors share advice, answer questions anonymously and provide thought leadership on various health issues on the platform. Doctors are also provided tools for managing online SMS answering machines and missed patients calls, and can track patients statistics and key figures. Patients can choose a doctor not only based on geography but also on personal and professional preferences. Patients can choose doctors located remotely and can consult them via the telemedicine app. Patients can also update their personal information.

Geographic scope

It is the leader in North Africa as a medical platform with more than 2.5 million unique visitors per month offering for them the possibility of online appointment with more than 2000 active doctors on our website.

Health System Challenges and Interventions

Challenges : 

  • Difficulty to find the nearest doctor
  • need for online consultation (especially in rural area, in case of ageing people, etc)

Interventions :

  • The platform offers Internet users the possibility of making teleconsultations and asking questions online to medical specialists.
  • These doctors can also chat with each other online and receive medical advice.
  • In addition, is a database of drugs marketed in Tunisia which specifies their therapeutic classes, their prices and the manufacturing industry.