MOOVOBRAIN is an ALL-IN-ONE steering system developed for people with physical disabilities who cannot easily use their upper limbs using only a mobile application and a small electronic board plugged into the wheelchair’s Joystick. To facilitate his life, the user can pilot his wheelchair without any physical effort. the user can therefore manipulate the chair using one of the four modalities: voice driving mode, brain driving mode, Grimace driving mode, Manual driving mod. Moovbrain provides remote monitoring of the patient based on geolocation using GPS and  control it with a real-time video capture by a camera implanted in the wheelchair.

Geographic scope

The solution will be implemented at national/international level

Health System Challenges and Interventions

Challenges: The person with a disability requires the help of an assistant, even for a simple trip. The needs of each handicapped person vary according to the nature of the physical condition.  Therefore, the assistance and the care of these people require a great effort from oneself all the time.

Intervention: Moovbrain is a smart solution adapted to the needs of the handicapped person, to make them independent from their caregivers. It is composed of two main parts: the control interfaces and the GPS localization function.

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