Smart care


Smart care is an electronic medical record (EMR) system that are used in the registration department of the health institution. It is an electronic system designed to easily access the patients/clients medical record number (MRN) when the patient lost his/her service Identification card (service ID card) that are used to retrieve the medical chart. The medical chart is a folder that has patients sociodemographic information in the cover folder and every detail medical history the patient used previously in side the folder. The medical registration room personnel easily arranges patient charts based on their unique medical record number and every patient had given service ID cards for easy retrieval of the chart for next follow up or treatments since every patient should have one unique medical record number for each hospital. So, if the patient lost his or her service ID card, the medical record room personnel easily retrieves by using his or her name as keyword to search at the Smart care software. Smart care software saves time and money in terms of easily searching the patients chart.

Health System Challenges and Interventions

Electronic Health Record is an essential technology for health care and a necessary tool for improving patient safety and the quality of care. Availing quality and timely Health Information at various levels of decision points throughout the country’s Health system is very essential for the improvement of Health Care and overall Health System in Ethiopia. The benefits of using an EMR includes, increasing the quality and speed of access to Health Information and the effectiveness of the Health System.