Smart Ems


Smart EMS, or Smart Electronic Medical System, is a comprehensive software platform designed to streamline the entire medical care process from card registration to prescription, including financial issues. The system is designed to improve patient care, reduce errors and miscommunication between healthcare providers, and streamline administrative processes.

The system begins with card registration, which involves capturing all relevant patient information such as personal details, medical history, and insurance details. This information is securely stored within the system and can be easily accessed by healthcare providers when needed.

When a patient visits a physician for diagnosis, the physician enters their symptoms and medical history into the system. The system also allows physicians to send requests for lab and imaging tests to be conducted. These requests are sent directly to the relevant departments, and once the results are received they are automatically uploaded to the patient's record in the system.

In addition to improving patient care, Smart EMS also handles financial issues related to medical care. The system captures all financial details related to patient care, including insurance coverage, co-payments, and billing information.