Steros Fertility


Steros Fertility is an automatic tracking system used for error prevention and to replace all human double checking. It enables the electronic traceability of the staff members performing each procedure and the time it was performed, and increases the efficiency of the whole process. Moreover, Automated witness Systems ensures safety, eficiency and standarization throughout all the clinical processes, giving precise information from every operator. In any Steros Fertlity-enhanced IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) center, patients can feel confident about production quality where operational quality control can be performed more accurately and combined with key performance indicators. Steros Fertility is used in the gynecology departement.

Health System Challenges and Interventions

Challenges :

The identification of patients and their consumables, is manually checked by embryologists, up to six movements per cycle. This represents thousands of critical checks per year, thousands of risks of variable human error and thousands of hours of productivity lost due to these interruptions.


Steros Fertility, is an electronic identity and traceability system that replaces human double-checking and minimizes the risk of error and wasted time. It provides complete traceability by recording the "Who, What, Where, When and How" at every step of the process, from initial patient registration to transfer or freezing.

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