Steros Laundry


Steros laundry is a laundry traceability system. This helps evaluate performance, improves operational efficiency, and ensures campliance with sanitary regulations. With the smart linen concept the solution offers an automated laundry item tracking system with fully integrated and highly scalable inventory visibility which reduces linen losses and saves on unnecessary linen purchases in hospitals and other health institutions. Data accuracy and real-time dashboards reveal valuable insights, such as item usage, workload trends, laundering history, and laundry turn-around times. 

Health System Challenges and Interventions

Challenges : 

Hospital linen is the main vector of infections associated with care. It is one of the classic supports for the proliferation of germs. In addition, manually processing laundry items exposes staff to potentially infectious diseases, and it is also a time-consuming process which leads to the loss of items, thus, increasing the cost for the replacement of the missing items.

Interventions :

- Customer can store information directly on SMART LINEN, including the type of linen and the cleaning requirements (cleaning steps, temperature, detergent), so the laundry process can be automated based on the information collected.

- Each linen goes back to the same service it came from.

- Laundries can control their textiles during their entire lifecycle by knowing how many textiles are in circulation and where they are exactly and so they are able to plan their textile purchases carefully.

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