STKMED (Medicine Stock Management)


The purpose of the Medicine Stock Management application is to manage multi-depot drug stocks.

STK MED allows to :

  • Manage drugs according to the expiration date
  • Minimize losses by using the FEFO (First to Expire, First Out) system
  • Maintain adequate stock levels by adopting the MIN/MAX system
  • Generate supplier purchase orders according to INN and product nomenclature
  • Dispense medications on a daily and individual basis
  • Take charge of the patient's prescriptions
  • Suggest drugs to be purchased in order to maintain a regular supply in the pharmacy
Geographic scope

The solution is implemented at national level


Health System Challenges and Interventions

Challenges:  are related to the lack of reliable data and access to pharmacy stock information.

Interventions: By adopting STKMED solution all drugs data will be stored in order to maintain a regular supply in the pharmacy


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