Sympheos is a mobile and web-based application that is used to capture COVID-19 Antigen testing data for reporting and decision-making processes

Sympheos Mobile

Sympheos is a mobile application that is currently used to capture COVID-19 Antigen testing data in Malawi. The Sympheos™ Mobile app is available to download on the Google Play Store. Users are required to register an Operator Account. Only Approved users are provided an access code to create an account. Downloadable Android smartphone application (App) designed for enabling logging of Rapid Diagnostic Test results & associated data which are then transmitted to Sympheos where they can be managed and analyzed through charts, reports, and mapping. Please Note: Sympheos™ Mobile is only available for Android Devices. Currently, the system is used by 1249 users and running in all sites conducting COVID-19 Antigen testing.

Sympheos Insights

Sympheos Insights is a digital visualization dashboard powered by Microsoft Power BI designed to summarize and aggregate data. Rapid Diagnostic Test result data is captured either through the Sympheos™ Mobile App or Data Point Web Portal and is transformed into useful visualizations and metrics.


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Sympheos started in 2020 and was to be completed in 2020; however, the start time was delayed due to the fact that funds came late. 

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