Overview is a telemedicine platform that connects patients and doctors to perform video consultations and medical analysis remotely: from home or office. The Tunisian platform of digital health Keeplyna announces the official launch of, the first teleconsultation service in Tunisia. This new telemedicine technique, developed by Tunisians (engineers, doctors, university researchers and other experts), will now meet many needs of citizens through an intelligent and efficient management of medical records.

Health System Challenges and Interventions

Challenges: Difficulty in accessing doctors at any time, especially for patients in remote cities and rural areas.

Intervention: seek to offer solutions to help everyone have easier access to quality health care services through a simple, available, and universal digital solution. allows bringing a general practitioner, a family doctor, a specialist, or a health professional closer to everyone, as quickly as possible and in full confidentiality. 

Lessons learned during implementation

- For the patient, the service and medical advice are more accessible through Teleconsultation via a user-friendly and very practical digital space. 
- The doctor or health professional can practice his profession and follow his patients remotely while being paid thanks to the secure online payment.
- Online medical record allows to fight against the loss of medical information and to optimize the medical decision making through a medical information structured, clear and the most complete possible.