DHIS2 - Etracker - MCH (child health, ANC, delivery, PNC and Family planning)


The MCH tracker, implemented by the Ghana Health Service, is used to monitor pregnant mothers and children throughout their pregnancy and after birth. Mothers are registered with unique IDs, and their ANC attendance is tracked. They are referred to medical professionals if there are any danger signs, and appointment reminders are sent to Community Health Volunteers (CHTs), health workers, and mothers. The tracker also registers births, tracks immunizations, enables growth monitoring, and feeds data into district and national aggregate data tools.

The MCH eTracker is updated annually during the registry review, where any changes to the registry are reflected in the tracker. In addition to reflecting data from the registry, essential information from clients' record books is added to support service delivery.


Health System Challenges and Interventions

The MCH tracker does not feed directly into the aggregate platform in Ghana(DHIMS2). Currently the service data is aggregated in the tracker instance, to support manual entry into the DHIMS2. The next step is to automate the transfer of transactional indicators from the eTracker into DHIMS2.

Lessons learned during implementation

Leadership commitment and consistent interest  is important for performance.