Name Content type
Serenity Electronic Medical Record eHealth solution
Med4All Digital Supply Chain system eHealth solution
GxAlert eHealth solution
Mobile Online Information System (MOIS) eHealth solution
HealthPro eHealth solution
NETAPP eHealth solution
Zipline eHealth solution
Safe Delivery App (SDA) eHealth solution
Redbird app eHealth solution
OpenMRS eHealth solution
One Network/Resolve (OpenLMIS) eHealth solution
COVID-CONNECT eHealth solution
mPedigree eHealth solution
Planning and Budget Management Information System (PBMIS) eHealth solution
The Human Resource Information and Management System (HRIMS) eHealth solution
Ghana Integrated Logistics Management Information System (GhiLMIS) eHealth solution
rsLog - GHS eHealth solution
YMK(You Must Know) eHealth solution
Adolescent health e-learning platform eHealth solution
E-Notification eHealth solution
Standardized e-claims interface for health providers’ Hospital Information Systems (HIS), XML Methodology (ver. 8.6). Official eHealth Document
Integrated National ICT for Health and Development Forum Official eHealth Document
Health Sector ICT Policy and Strategy Official eHealth Document
Solution Analysis and Detailed Specification and Recommendations Report Official eHealth Document
Proposals for a Mandil Ghana eHealth Strategy Official eHealth Document
Ghana e-Government Interoperability Framework Official eHealth Document
National Health Policy: Ensuring Health Lives for all Official eHealth Document
Ghana Health Service Enterprise Architecture (The eHealth Architecture) Official eHealth Document
National Telecommunications Policy Official eHealth Document
Summary report of published literature on capacity building for skills related to health technology assessment in Ghana Official eHealth Document
Legal and Policy Framework for Health Information and Health Data Reporting (draft) Official eHealth Document
The Ghana ICT for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD) Policy Official eHealth Document
DHIS2 -Medical cause of death certificate eHealth solution
Etracker - HIV/ART eTracker eHealth solution
Etracker - TB screening and TB Care/Treatment eHealth solution
National e-Health Strategy Official eHealth Document