You Must Know (YMK)


The YMK mobile application is a platform which empowers the Adolescent Development Health team to manage and administer help to young adolescents who need vital information with regards to their health or may be facing certain health challenges. An adolescent-friendly mobile application that provide health information and counselling to adolescents. Introduction of the mobile app has helped answered 657 adolescent health related questions through counselling, and has exposed registered adolescents to educative health contents.

Health System Challenges and Interventions

The solution has been downstreamed to all regions in the country and has helped in the: 
-Promotion of good adolescent health seeking behaviors.
-Provision of Online counselling to adolescents on trending adolescent health topics.
-Demystification of myths on certain health topics through the posting of carefully selected SBCC materials.

Lessons learned during implementation

Adolescents are most likely to bring their issues out to be solved when assured of confidentiality.