SantéLab is an application designed to help public hospitals in Tunisia to manage the activity of a multidisciplinary laboratory (Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Parasitology).

SantéLab enables

  • The management of the national nomenclature of analyses, the lab benches, the balance sheets, the establishments requesting analyses, etc…
  • The Printing of barcode labels
  • The sending of the worklist to the concerned automats
  • The automatic recovery and validation of the results
  • The Transmission of the results to the requesting departments
Geographic scope

SantéLab is implemented at national level.


Health System Challenges and Interventions

Challenges: This application is used to solve different challenges such as the lack of access to get clinical information, especially laboratory test results, and the high cost of the manual processes.

Interventions: SantéLab can capture diagnostic results from digital devices and transmit the diagnostic results to the healthcare providers. SantéLab can provide laboratory data storage, synthesis, and visualization.